Saturday, June 16, 2012

So I'm about to get a puppy....

And what exactly am I thinking? I'm not sure.

Over a year ago there was a lot of change in this household.  I gained a new family member with Walter, but lost a best friend shortly after that when Jackie lost her battle with cancer.  Around December of this year I couldn't stand the quiet in the apartment. There was something missing.  Jackie's loss had clearly left a crater around here, and there were starting to be signs it was time to bring another terrier into the fold.

I knew trying to fill those paws was going to be a challenge. The friend of a lifetime was gone.

I searched the state of Colorado first.  None of the breeders really clicked with me.

I moved further afield. I chose breeders by where I wanted to go pick up a puppy.  Boston ranked high on my list since I have great friends up there and spent a part of my life there.  I found two amazing people up there with great dogs.  One had bad timing for a litter.  The other and I clicked.

And this is how the newest family member came to join the family.

She comes home in July and it is sure to be a journey.  Terriers and puppy hood are not for wimps.  If this girl is half as wonderful as her father and mother, I will have won the terrier lotto again.